November Election at Bernie’s

Courtesy Will Obama win this precinct in November?

UPDATE: Broward GOP Chair Richard DeNapoli spoke with CBS 4 News about the epidemic problem in South Florida.  Check out the video. UPDATE 2: Sunshine State News: Nearly One in Four “Active” Broward Voters is Dead.

If President Obama wins Florida’s 29 electoral votes this November, he may be carried across the 50 percent mark on the backs of dead voters.

According to Florida’s Secretary of State, 53,000 dead people are registered to vote in Florida.  The SOS office came to that number by moving into the modern age.  Breitbart reports, “Florida finally passed a law requiring the use of the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) to determine if dead people are registered to vote in Florida. Secretary of State Kurt Browning and then-State Election Director Don Palmer proposed this idea in the previous legislative session, but the bill did not pass.”

And how do we know that the voter rolls are full of fraudulent voters? “Florida discovered the dead voters by matching voter rolls against the SSDI.  The SSDI is the list of Americans who have died and applied for death benefits. Because an application must be submitted by the next of kin and carries criminal penalties for false statements, it is considered the most accurate list of dead voters available. Yet most states don’t use the SSDI. Instead, they use a hodge-podge of other information, usually compiled from the state bureaus of vital statistics. But state bureau reporting is slow and incomplete.

“Three counties in Florida have reported more citizens registered to vote than people alive eligible to vote – St. Johns, Okaloosa, and Santa Rosa – according to the most recent Election Assistance Commission report.”  But even if dead voters are registered, they won’t actually cast ballots, right?  Wrong, as PJ Media reports.

In addition to dead voters, Florida is also investigating a list of 182,000 voters suspected not to be citizens.  The New York Times reports the state Department of Motor Vehicles and Department of Homeland Security databases are being crosschecked to stop illegal aliens from voting.

Despite the obvious and urgent need, not everyone is on board with the scrubbing process.  “I’m feeling really uncomfortable about this,” Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes told officials with the state’s Division of Elections, according to Fox News Latino.  The Broward Democrat’s tenure has been spotted with controversies large and small, but most notably her own scrubbing of 58,000 absentee ballots during the 2004 election.  Dr. Snipes is up for re-election as top vote counter this year.

Left wingers will always balk at the concept of fair elections.  Why?  Guess how dead voters, convicted felons and illegal immigrants tend to “cast” their ballots.  Blue Team, all the way!

President Obama carried Florida by a somewhat comfortable 204,577 votes in 2008.   But in 2000, George W Bush won with only 537.  With the upcoming election expected to be razor-close, the Weekend at Bernie’s crowd could push the Sunshine State into either column and take the White House along with it.  The Florida legislature, Governor Rick Scott and Secretary of State Browning did the right thing by insisting on a fair, transparent election process.  If liberals have to steal an election to win it, then let them balk.