Chickengate: Selective Outrage at its Worst

Hate Speech?

I’ve officially had it “up to here” with the fake outrage surrounding Chick-Fil-A restaurants this week.

Is anybody really surprised to hear that the head of a notoriously Christian, conservative chicken sandwich shop that’s closed on Sunday would be against same sex marriage?  What’s the big deal, anyway?

First, I’m compelled to state the obvious. Speaking out against gay marriage isn’t hate speech.  The man was asked a question and gave an answer.  He didn’t threaten anyone or use hateful language at all. If you don’t like his interpretation of scripture, don’t go to his church. But his view is shared among the majority of the faithful and hardly part of the lunatic fringe.

Secondly, what’s with the selective outrage? CFA’s marriage stance is exactly the same as President Obama’s was only weeks ago. As I recall, gays gave their votes -and their money- to him in droves four years ago and most were prepared to do the same this year even before his “evolution.” Is President Obama a hateful, bigoted bastard too? Where are the protests outside black churches with anti-marriage pastors? Where are the protests outside conservative Democrats’ campaign offices?

If people are outraged by company donations to anti-gay organizations, then they have  unwittingly accepted the premise that corporations are people and money is speech. They want us to speak up against Chick-Fil-A — not by confronting the CEO, not by writing letters to the editor, but by refusing them our money and patronage. These same left wing loons better not complain about the Citizens United decision anymore. Either money is speech or it isn’t. If it isn’t, then CFA can’t be guilty of hate speech. Their signs read Eat Mor Chikin, not God Hates Fags. That’s only hate speech if you are a chicken… Or perhaps an English teacher.

Protesting Chick-Fil-A is as hurtful as it is ominous.  Employees could be cut if sales slump.  Vendors, franchisers, managers, even the cleaning crews could suffer the costs of boycotts though they did nothing wrong.  Is that fair? What about gay employees caught in the middle?  Protesting CFA hurts its employees more than the big wigs, fat cats, millionaires and billionaires, or whichever president Obama prefers this week.

Gays aren’t surprised that CFA doesn’t support gay marriage and they aren’t upset about it. What has their panties in a bind is that they implicitly support Republicans. This fake, selective outrage is exactly what is wrong with our political system.  Unfortunately, it’s the Hail Mary of the left wing playbook and it comes out when they are up against the electoral ropes.

Is there any wonder that voters are cynical about our political system?

Come on, guys. We are better than this. If any readers are honestly outraged by the CFA “news”, then get a clue. If you are honestly upset, then get a grip. Where were all of the anti-CFA activists last month?  Probably behind me in line for a delicious chicken sandwich and waffle fries.  Those were the good ol’ days.